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Client Comments

"Very supportive and encouraging."

"Our worker is great!"

"Coordinator is trying to set us up with excellent workers. Clinician came up with very helpful suggestions, which we were able to apply successfully."

"It is extremely helpful when we have a motivated home based worker who takes initiative."

"My child has improved greatly. He is less aggressive and more expressive with using words to express his emotions. And I've noticed less tantrums."

"Michele and Denise are wonderful. They are always checking  on us and are very helpful coming up with ideas. They both are an asset to the program and people like them are why it's so successful. Very grateful I was able to meet both of them and take advantage of their services."

"I am very grateful for the things that the program has done for my child and I."

"It is a program that quickly helped my son to meet goals I did not think he could achieve that fast."

"We see a difference in the behavior of our girl!"

"We have advanced a lot!"

"It's only been two weeks but I have been feeling like the cavalry has arrived. With the perspectives and observation skills, I am optimistic to a brighter future."

"They are trying their best effort to work with my family. They are good with my kids."

"They are the best. They listen to what I have to say and respect my input!"

"I'm thankful for the understanding and personal, shall I say calming, sense of genuine concern."

"Made me feel genuine, hopeful, and optimistic for a better future."

"He is more outgoing, talks more, and not so afraid of someone coming into his home."

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