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OSB Sensory Course

       DSP Sensory Course Challenge!!       


Hello Amazing Direct Support Professionals,

Recently we posted two videos on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) of a sensory course that was developed by our Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisors here at the main office. We hope you had a chance to view the videos. It was a fun project not only for the kiddos we had run the course, but also for the clinical staff that helped construct it. This got us thinking…with the cooler weather upon us wouldn’t it be fun to invite our DSP’s to create their own client specific sensory course with the potential of winning a cash prize!!!

DSP’s will be asked to submit pictures and/or a video of their completed sensory course to by Monday November 2nd at 5pm. We have asked our administrative staff to judge the entries to avoid clinical biases.



     1st                                                                  2nd                                                        3rd

$200.00                                                          $100.00                                                 $80.00



1. The sensory course needs to be client specific. This means, that your client needs to have the ability to complete the obstacles included in the course. If the parent and/or client does not want to be in the pictures or videos, that’s okay. The DSP can still submit pictures or videos of just the sensory course.

2. COVID-19 safety measures need to be practiced while developing and participating the course.

3. Be creative! Think outside of the box! And have fun with it! Feel free to ask your Clinical Supervisors and Coordinator for support if needed.

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