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Julian Edelman Does the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Research

You know we can't resist a good Patriots story, especially when it has to do with a good cause such as the "Ice Bucket Challenge" in support of Peter Frates and ALS research. As Patriots fans (well, most of us here at OSB anyway) it's great to see professional athletes, such as the Patriots players, getting involved!


Original Article:

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral event sweeping social media that actually has a good purpose: raising awareness and money for research of the devastating disease ALS with a fun activity that ends in calling out your friends.

The challenge, started by former Boston College center fielder Peter Frates, involves briefly describing the disease, dumping a freezing-cold bucket of ice over your head, then nominating some friends to follow suit. If they choose not to, they donate $100 to research.

Members of the Boston Bruins got in on the act, and now the first New England Patriot has stepped up. Wide receiver Julian Edelman completed the task, after which he chose Danny Amendola (aka Amenbrola), Rob Gronkowski (aka Yo Soy Fiesta) and Tom Brady.

Hopefully, we see these three and more athletes take the initiative to aid the cause.

#patriots #icebucketchallenge #als

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