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For some parents of autistic children, Jerry Seinfeld’s self-diagnosis was ‘a slap in the face’

By Peter Holley, Reporter for The Washington Post

When Kim Stagliano saw an "NBC Nightly News" clip of Jerry Seinfeld saying he’s on the autism spectrum, the first thing she did was get angry.

The next thing she did was get on Twitter.

[Tweet] @KimStagliano: THIS is autism - my 3 girls @JerrySeinfeld 1 does not speak,. 1 in single words, 1 paralyzed by anxiety.

[Tweet] @KimStagliano: This is autism, wandered and drowned. @JerrySeinfeld Mason was his name.

[Tweet] @Kim Stagliano: This is autism - gorgeous young ladies who need 24/7/ lifetime care. @JerrySeinfeld My family.

Some might label her reaction a “rage spiral,” but Stagliano, whose three teenage girls have autism, is not about to apologize. Like many parents of autistic children, Stagliano — the managing editor of the Age of Autism, which covers autism news — said she’s grown tired of people, particularly those in the public spotlight, making autistic symptoms sound fashionable.

To continue reading the full story, visit The Washington Post "To Your Health" section:

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