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More Than A Mom

The moment you were conceived, you made me a mom.

But as you started to grow, I grew too....and you made me more than a mom.

9 long months of pregnancy. I watched as my flat mid-section turned into a delightful baby bump...and then into a not quite as charming distended belly -- a belly that pinched nerves, aggravated joints and bullied surrounding organs. My once dainty feet swelled from bearing the weight of two humans, then merged upwards into barely identifiable ankles and vein-ridden calves. And the exhaustion! Oh, such crippling exhaustion. Yet I knew that every symptom was a sign of your growth. A sign that you, my dear child, were flourishing. And so I gladly endured.

You made me long-suffering.

Pregnancy culminated in a commencement -- the end of your stay in my body, but the beginning of your time in this world. Weeks of feckless and indecisive contractions had me wondering if I'd be pregnant forever. Your approaching due date taunted me, and then laughed in my face as it went on its merry way. But I knew every day you spent inside of me was another day I got to prepare you to take on the world. And so I waited.

You made me patient.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To finish reading the full story, visit the Huffington Post: Parents website:

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