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Why I Want my Daughter to Feel Entitled

Entitlement -- it's pretty much a parenting curse word, a bullet to dodge, a badge of shame to bear.

Not for me.

Entitlement is a parenting goal of mine; it is something to aim at and tirelessly work towards.

I want my daughter to feel entitled to love and be loved.

I want my daughter to feel entitled to respect.

I want my daughter to feel entitled to dream.

When I state these wants of mine, I feel utterly confused that anybody would frown upon this concept of entitlement for our children. Our children, who we created and birthed...why wouldn't we want the best for them?

Most of the whisperings out there, which condemn this idea of entitlement, do so under the guise of 'selfishness.' These whispers warn us of a generation of children growing up feeling as if they are above common standards, a generation ultimately refusing to jump through society's hoops.

Here's the thing: I know too many hoop-jumpers (hell, I used to be one myself!) to know that for most, hoop-jumping does not leave a person feeling fulfilled. The cup of a hoop-jumpers is almost never full. And what's the 101 of airplane safety? Put on your own mask first.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Huffington Post: Parents website:

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