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Characteristics of Autism Parents

You can find a lot of literature and books that list all the effective traits of being a good parent. Most often than none, those traits are very true. But what does it take to be a good autism parent? What does it take to be a good special needs parent? The parenting styles and traits are not comparable to parenting neurotypical kids with no disability. Since being a mom to two boys on opposite ends of the spectrum, I will tell you what I have learned that works with my boys.

1. Sacrifice - You have to sacrifice. You sacrifice sleep. You sacrifice things that you used to do. You sacrifice almost everything. If you don't sacrifice for your child, then who do you sacrifice for?

2. Patience - This is another must. Parenting children in general takes patience but parenting children with autism takes patience to a whole new level. It's a level that is only understood in the autism world.

3. Consistency - Consistency is the key to many things in life but it is the largest key you will ever see with families raising kids on the spectrum. The slightest bit of a "bend" in your consistency will make it all harder, if not, impossible to achieve with autism. There is no bending the rules just once...nothing...none of that or all the hard work and money put into helping your child will not be as successful.

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To finish reading the full list, visit the Two Brothers, One Journey blog:

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