Are You a Daydreamer or Do You have ADHD?

I often have people ask me if everyone has ADHD, since we all exhibit symptoms from time to time. Here's what makes ADHD a disorder - it is a cluster of symptoms that are pervasive, impact quality of life, and cause impairment in two or more areas of life. These areas are social, academic/work, and/or home settings. If you just daydream occasionally but are otherwise functioning to your potential, you don't have ADHD.

There's a difference between being a creative thinker who daydreams and meeting the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. When you don't have ADHD, you are able to snap yourself out of a daydream state fairly easily. When you have ADHD, daydreaming is intensified - and it is very difficult for the brain to self-regulate....

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