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America's Most Admired Lawbreaker: Chapter 13, "Hardball"

A 'Hired Bazooka'

Question: Mrs. Pledger, I think you told our jurors that during the time that you’re taking Mr. Pledger to doctors while he was on Risperdal, none of his doctors ever diagnosed gynecomastia?

Benita Pledger: I never heard of gynecomastia. And, no, they did not.

Question: At some point … you saw a commercial on TV for a Plaintiff’s law firm about Risperdal and lawsuits running?
… And it had a phone number 1-800, call if you have taken Risperdal?

Pledger: It had a number.

Question: And they would file lawsuits?

Pledger: That’s what the commercial was about, yes.

Question: And, Mrs. Pledger, it’s true that the first person to tell you that Risperdal caused your son’s gynecomastia wasn’t a doctor, it was a plaintiff’s law firm?

Pledger: True.

Johnson & Johnson was fighting back.

- - - - - - - - - -

To read Chapter 13 in its entirety and view the accompanying materials online, visit The Huffington Post: Highline website:

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