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My Low-Expectation Parenting Goals for the New Year

Every new year, Husband and I make goals for everything. And I mean everything. Spiritual, financial, personal, business-related, marriage goals, family goals, reading goals, learning goals. All kinds of goals.

We don't like resolutions, because resolutions are something you make and then break. We like goals, because goals are something we work toward and may or may not accomplish throughout the course of a year, but at least we know we tried -- and just trying is to be applauded in the life of a parent.

I've been making goals since I was a kid. I know it's a little weird, but I was always that kid. I wanted to finish my homework 10 minutes faster and play outside for 30 minutes more after school and eat black-eyed peas for New Year's lunch without gagging.

These days my goals are hardly more refined, mostly because I'm now a parent.

Here's a look at some of my parent-goals for 2016.

1. Get more sleep. Or nap more. Or pretend I've passed out for 15 minutes on the couch. Anything to get the kids to leave me alone.

I realize this is most likely more difficult than my idealistic little mind can even grasp, since there are 3-year-old twins added to this mix of boys, and everyone knows 3-year-olds are little terrors who can't be left alone for any amount of time without completely destroying something or hurting themselves. Add to that a 9-month-old who thinks everything on the floor is food and three other boys who track in mud from the backyard, and you have a recipe for no sleep. Maybe even negative sleep. But I have not given up on this goal that cycles back around every year, because someday. I just know someday.

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