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Slow Down: A Mother's Day Reminder

I have a vivid memory of bringing our first little boy home. Being a mom was all I ever wanted to be. We set his car seat down in the home we'd spent hours preparing for him and I felt a wave of emotions. My heart was heavy, and I was certain I was completely unqualified. Now, seven years into this journey, I've come to understand that this feeling of inadequacy is a universal emotion for moms everywhere.

Leading up to this day, I'd read stacks of books about sleep schedules and feeding routines. The reality was far different than I had ever dreamed. The wave of responsibility swept over me and I was quickly drawn under the tide. Nothing went the way we'd planned and it was a quick lesson in throwing my controlling qualities out the window.

Having a child changes you. It forces you to hold hope in one hand and fear in the other. Time becomes both your friend and an enemy.

Mothers attempt to soak up the goodness of every, single moment while also living in the reality of motherhood. It is a beautiful state of being that pushes you to the very end of yourself and then asks you to give more when you are fairly sure there is nothing left in you. in the middle of this exhaustion, you're very aware that you need to soak up these moments because they are so fleeting.

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