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Toddler having a Tantrum in Viral Video Proves No One should Judge Anyone's Parenting Skills

[Video available to view at the link below.]

A video of a toddler having a tantrum in a car park is proof no one should judge a parent for the way they discipline their children.

In the video, Amie Carter’s son Jayden, who was two at the time it was filmed, was refusing to get in the car because he was upset a game had gone wrong.

Jayden was screaming and crying while his mum had to try and pull him into the car.

Shortly after this video was filmed, Carter learned her son had autism.

Without knowing the circumstances, an internet user, Mike Steele, shared the video on his own Facebook page with the phrase: “Spare the rod, spoil the child”, referring to when a parent doesn’t discipline their kids.

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To finish reading the story and watch the video, visit the Huffington Post: Parents (U.K.) website:

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