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7 Valuable Lessons for Parents of Children with ADHD

I struggled for the better part of seven years, desperately seeking answers to help my child. I felt lost, alone, helpless, like I'd failed as a mother, and unsure of where to turn next. I thought of talking to his pediatrician or seeking counseling, but I never took the leap because his behavior would improve just enough for me to stop worrying momentarily. Then the tailspin would return, and we would plunge back into the confusion. But while it's taken time, I have gained knowledge and valuable life experience through this journey as a parent of a child with ADHD.

1. Trust your gut.

Something was wrong. I just knew it. It’s difficult to explain exactly how I knew, but in my heart and in my gut, I felt it. That feeling is why I read every book and article that held a glimmer of hope in helping me parent more effectively. Friends and family tried to assure me Xander was “just all boy,” but I knew it was more than that.

2. It's okay to ask for help because finding the answer is difficult.

Articles, books, and support groups all left me right where I started. My son was struggling and so was I. After talking, my husband and I decided it was time to see a behavioral counselor. I found one who specializes in children’s behavior. Within two months of seeing the counselor, I had answers, a plan for moving forward, and most importantly, knowledgeable support along the way. We had support from family and friends, but the counselor’s support has been altogether different. She leads our family into healthier patterns with gentle guidance.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Scary Mommy website:

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