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Target-Loving Mom Bemoans Day She Brought Her Family Shopping with Her

It's no secret that many moms love (and I mean, LOVE) Target. There's even an Instagram account dedicated to their devotion.

But blogger Karen Alpert learned there’s a way to ruin the big box store joy. On Sunday, the mom posted a photo of her husband and daughter at Target on the Facebook page for her blog, Baby Sideburns.

"Okay, so today I made a mistake. A HUGE mistake," she wrote in the caption. "I took my family with me to Target."

While it may have seemed like a good way to spend time with family while being productive, Alpert said she quickly learned otherwise.

"Taking your family to Target with you is basically the perfect way to destroy that awesome inside fuzzy feeling you get when you walk past those big red glorious cement balls," she wrote.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Huffington Post: Parents website:

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