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9 Valentine's Day Activities for Families

Valentine’s Day is a mushy-mushy lovey-dovey holiday to spend doing romantic things with your sweetheart, right? Or maybe it’s a day that you dread. Maybe you grit your teeth ’till it’s done because you don’t have a special someone or because your partner is one of those people who says you don’t need a particular day of the year to express love. But how about Valentine’s Day activities for families?

Have you ever thought about making Valentine's Day a family event? The idea is to celebrate love, so why should that be limited to the romantic kind of love?

Maybe it’s time to do something different and start some new family traditions this Valentine’s Day. It’s always good to shake things up, right? Here are a few things to help you get started.

Plan a scavenger hunt with the kids for Mom and Dad

Let the kids make and hide clues for mom or dad. The end of the hunt can produce a meaningful gift, such as gift certificates for favors (wash car, clean out the garage, cook dinner, etc.), homemade treats, and framed family pictures. You can get really creative and fun with this one...see what your kids come up with for prizes!

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To finish reading the full list of ideas, visit the Ripped Jeans & Bifocals blog:

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