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The Importance of Letting Your Kids Be Bored

Kids used to complain about being bored. But in this age when every millisecond of your kids' lives can be filled by an app, podcast, webisode, video game, viral video, e-book (or even a god---- real book), the idea of even being bored is becoming endangered. So what if it goes the way of the polar bear? At least you don't have to hear, "I'm sooooo boooooored." Right?

According to Teresa Belton, visiting fellow at the School of Education & Lifelong Learning at the University Of East Anglia and boredom expert, no work and no play doesn’t make Jack a dull boy — it makes his brain work better. She cites research that shows unstructured down time helps kids become creative, independent thinkers. “Boredom needn’t be feared, and it can be seen as an opportunity.” Here’s why you should resist the urge to keep them active:

Nothing To Do ... Except Figure Out Who They Are

Want your kid to arrive at their own ideas and opinions? Have them embrace boredom. Belton says the research shows that when they're not occupied, kids "take initiative and not be completely dependent on adults or anything ready-made for them." Of course, first they may just flop on the floor and whine.

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