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9 Ways I Turned my Kid's Screen Time into Family Time

Lately, life has gotten pretty routine: school, work, practice, games, and repeat. And when we're not doing any of these 4 things, I'm relaxing on the couch while Jack, 9, is playing on his iPad.

When I called him to dinner the other night and he didn't respond, I realized there was a problem. We were totally disconnected. When he finally came to the table, he immediately propped up his iPad to watch something on YouTube.

"Eat your steak," I ordered.

Then I had one of the mom moments where I just lost it. I took away his iPad and made him sit at the table until he ate his dinner. When he was done, we had a heart-to-heart about how we used to hang out all the time when he was younger. Oh, how I miss those days of chasing him around and being silly.

I know he's growing up, but there still plenty of time left to have some tech-free fun with my little boy. So I decided to reclaim my mommy-and-me time. Here's how I did it:

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