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19 Comics that Sum Up Car Rides with Kids

[View the corresponding comics at the link included below.]

Car rides become an entirely different experience when you have kids.

From the car seat struggles to the unending requests to the unbearable kid songs, moving from point A to point B involves a host of new challenges. But at least parents can know they aren’t alone. Many artists have turned their car ride struggles into creative illustrations.

Here are 19 comics that sum up driving with kids.

1. Carnival Arc - The extended "short-cut" you will take to prevent your kids from seeing that the county fair is in town.

2. It's hard to wrap your brain around something like eternity...but I have waited for a small child to buckle themself into a car seat when I was running late - so I think I got it

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To finish viewing the full list of hilarious illustrations, visit the Huffington Post: Parents website:

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