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Learning to 'Let Go' and Watch my Son on the Autism Spectrum be Independent

Being a "helicopter mom" wasn't something I planned on. I always knew I would stay home for a few years, if possible, but surely I wouldn't have a problem with hiring babysitters and dropping the kids off for a few nights out or some quality time with my husband. This all changed when we realized our oldest son wasn't processing verbal communication and other social queues, leading to an autism diagnosis.

We are currently just over two years into our journey, and our daily life and routines seem "normal" to us, and our son is thriving. We have arrived at a place of accepting the challenges, and it's becoming our family norm, however out of the blue, a new set of fears and anxiety appeared with a vengeance, which seems to be the trend in parenting regardless of your child's needs. You find your stride and then a new challenge, task or fear will set in with a new stage in parenting.

I have found this new "independent" child my most fearful stage thus far.

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