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"The Best Summer is a Strategized Summer"

To avoid too much screen time, discretionary spending, and bickering, we load up early on summer vacation ideas and leads on cheap entertainment. Steal a few of our family secrets!

Memorial Day weekend is over. Which means you, like my wife and I, have just survived a warm-up for the pending purgatory otherwise known as summer vacation. Over the long weekend, Laurie and I endured three straight days of bickering, staying up waaaaay past bedtime, and countless requests to turn on the TV. To be fair, the kids suffered two exhausted parents and nearly as many orders to turn off the TV. And we all lived to talk about it.

In fact, during the kids' final three days of school, Laurie and I debriefed what worked and what didn't. We also discussed past summer vacations, and started planning ahead for the upcoming thirteen weeks. With four young kids, three of whom have ADHD, we made the following list of activities to ensure we all still love each other come September:

Plan your schedule - A few days ago, Laurie printed monthly calendars for June, July, and August. She’s already filled up quite a bit, and erased or otherwise changed quite a bit as well. But this will come in handy when the “I’m so bored” comments start.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the ADDitude magazine website:

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