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Summer Schedule Gone Haywire: ADHD on Vacation

Children with ADHD thrive with reliable daily routines - even during summer holidays. The best vacations balance new adventures with predictable schedules. Here's how to strike that balance.

Vacation, Finally!

We've all been there. The vacation you so desperately hoped would give everyone a much-needed break from everyday stresses turns into a week-long string of misbehaviors and meltdowns. The culprit? The transition from a structured home environment to an extended vacation with little or no routine can take a toll on kids with ADHD. Here are strategies for planning wisely to avoid a ruined holiday.

Make a Schedule

A disorganized vacation can create a discombobulated child. Since many kids don't fare well with large blocks of free time, plan a few organized activities in advance. Can you enroll your child in a swim lesson? Can you visit a water park, museum, or zoo nearby? Activities like this will keep your stimulation-seeking child interested and engaged.

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