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We Can't Afford Family Vacation, And I've Learned to Let Go of that Guilt

The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw an article about how important family vacations are for kids. It was the kind of thing I'd seen many times before, something along the lines of "instead of buying your kids a ton of stuff, save your money for valuable bonding experiences, like family vacations."

The friend who shared that article captioned it with a big, fat obnoxious thumbs up, and I couldn’t help but remember that the friend who’d shared it was in a totally different income bracket than I am — one where family vacations are a normal part of life, totally factored into her family’s budget with zero hesitance.

In essence, I found myself feeling insanely jealous. It's not something that happens to me that often, but there I was, wanting to scream into my phone, "Yeah, for those of us who can actually afford family vacations!"

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