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50 Free (or Cheap) Things for Your Summer Bucket List

Last month, when I started to look into day camps and other programs to keep my kids occupied over the summer, I pretty much had an instant heart attack. My choices were either put my kids in camp and starve to death all summer, or figure out some cheap and easy way to keep them occupied for 10 weeks. I'm going with the latter.

Still, I swear, if it were up to my kids, they’d be glued to their iPads basically all day, so I realized that if we wanted to have a summer where no one dies of boredom (them) or frustration (me), I had better do some serious planning.

And being the generous soul that I am, I decided to share my ideas for cheap, easy, and fun things to do with kids this summer. So enjoy (and good luck!).

1. Cheap movie theater deals. Lots of theaters will have half-price days or early-morning $1 shows.

2. Get a bucket with soapy water and a few sponges. Have the kids wash your car. Have them wash their toys cars. Whatever. Water + kids + hot summer day = magic. And you might end up with a (slightly) cleaner car in the end.

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