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4 Things to Remember when Traveling with a Child who has Food Aversions

For most, vacations can be a foodie’s dream. Getting to try new cuisine and tasty treats from other parts of the world. Adults and children alike love to sample new dishes and delight in experimenting with new flavors that are not readily available at your own dining room table.

That is unless you have a child with food aversions. (I know that adults and children with food allergies also face uphill battles when it comes to finding safe foods, but this article addresses something completely different.)

What is a food aversion?

Many kids struggle with food aversion, but it's very common in children with special needs, like autism and sensory processing disorder. Because of their heightened sense of smell and taste, the child will self-limit their food choices. It's not just being a picky eater; having food aversion takes picky eating to a whole new level.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Scary Mommy website:

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