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Raising Children to have Patience when the World is at their Fingertips

I hate that I use this specific grouping of words, but I can’t help myself lately. It’s far too tempting.

“When I was a kid…”

I hated when my parents used it, and it feels completely empty when I use it. Quite simply, because it teaches nothing. My children aren’t going to gain a greater perspective on how convenient their lifestyle is by me reminding them constantly that they have more than I ever had growing up. It falls flat, in the same way my parents’ words fell flat when they would tell me how lucky I was to have music on cassettes, and then later, CDs.

“You don’t have to search, or wait for anything. Back in my day, we had 8 tracks. And you listened to the entire album just to get to the one song you wanted to hear. That’s how it worked,” they’d say. I nodded in acknowledgement, but it didn’t change the fact that I’d never fully grasp the frustration. Fast forward to 2017.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Huffington Post: Parents website:

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