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These Teens Just Proved that No Matter What Grade You Earn in School, Kindness Always Wins

We can do our best to teach our kids kindness towards others, but as parents we have to hope those lessons stick once they head out into the world on their own. And as one mom was comforted to learn this week, her kids haven’t just been listening, they were putting those lessons into action — even at the risk of their own grades.

Whitney Fleming, of the blog Playdates on Fridays, shared the valuable lesson in kindness with her Facebook followers Tuesday. A lesson that caught her by surprise and made her reevaluate her priorities when it came to her girls. In her post, she shares that her twin girls were talking with her one morning about their partner for a group project at school. They’d partnered with this girl before, and Fleming recalled the other student not pulling her weight, impacting her girls’ score and requiring them to take on more work to ensure the project was finished correctly.

“Why would you partner with her again?” Fleming fumed.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Babble website:

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