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Your Kids Won't Remember What Was in the Box

It seems like adult conversations in the weeks leading up to Christmas are always the same: What are you getting the kids?

This sentence strikes fear and embarrassment in my core. I’m an indie author and freelance writer. What that means is I’m actually a stay-at-home mom who writes for a living during nap time and after the house has gone to bed. My life isn’t terribly lucrative even if it is blessed.

What am I getting my kids? Probably less than you are getting yours.

When I had my youngest at 42 (and 19 years after my oldest), I expected to be questioned about certain things like my age and my fertility. What I didn’t expect was to question myself about my parenting choices. And I have.

. . . . .

I don’t want Christmas to be filled with things she will forget or financial worries that make me feel inadequate as a parent. I want our stories of years past to be filled with memories.

- - - - - - - - - - -

To finish reading the full story, visit the Scary Mommy website:

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