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Why I Believe Self-Care is Key when You Parent Kids with Disabilities

I truly believe that self-care is so, so important. It is especially important when you have a child with disabilities. Actually, it’s not just important — it’s absolutely necessary.

First, though, let’s begin with the basics: what is self-care?

Yeah, yeah, I know the word itself is pretty self-explanatory. It is caring for oneself. Self-care is something I did in the past, but it wasn’t until my first son was born with a disability that I really became aware of what it is, how often I was doing it, and what happened when I was lacking it. In other words, it wasn’t until my son was born that I began this serious relationship with self-care.

I see self-care as being made up of two main categories: what I call “boring self-care,” and “fun self-care.”

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