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All I Want is For my Son to Be Okay

All I wanted for Christmas was for him to be okay.

Every other year, when my husband, my kids, etc., have asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I’d say, “no sibling fights for a day,” or “nothing.” Maybe I’d throw in “I am out of lotion” if I felt up to helping them on this need to “get” me something. We have generally always had the things that we needed – tougher at times than others, and we definitely are not rich, but we’ve always been okay, and I really don’t think I have ever wanted anything.

This year, I really just want my oldest son to be okay. I’d love happy and healthy, but I would also so be just fine with, okay. Anything for him to not be hurt, depressed, sad.

For the past year, I have lived the life of a mom who has a teenager with depression. It is a lonely and scary place that I wish on no one.

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