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Being A Parent to a Child with a Disability has Meant Criticism

Parenting a child with a disability comes with lots of extra love and lots of extra challenges. One challenge I did not anticipate was the criticism. Even before my daughter’s “official” diagnosis of autism we were criticized about the way we parented her. We weren’t doing enough, we knew her too well, we were ignoring the fact that she was “different.” Those are just a few of the things that were said. Some to our face, but mostly behind our backs.

Some of these critics might surprise you. They can range from family and friends to complete strangers. Once your child starts school your critics can become support staff and other parents. I can tell you first hand these criticisms hurt. They hurt like hell. Sometimes it may be a little sting, while others have me questioning myself.

Here is something these critics know nothing about: my truth.

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