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Technology Time: Setting Limits that Work

On occasion, I will answer reader questions on our blog...In today’s post, I answer a parent’s question regarding setting limits on technology use.

Dear Melissa,

We have a 5-year old boy who has been exposed to iPhone and iPad games and stories, some educational and some not so educational (ahem, angry birds). On a daily basis, he asks if he can have our iPhone or iPad to play a game. Often it seems like my exhaustion level is what dictates whether or not he gets to have it. Yes, we have a time frame of no more than 1 hour total between pre-recorded TV shows and games. Some days are just full of play and friends so no games. Even when I set a timer so he knows when it is time to stop, it still ends in a battle or tears. I'm just so struck by how insistent he can get in arguing with me about getting a chance to play the games. What do you suggest to achieve a good balance while maintaining a good relationship with your child, especially boys?

Settings Limits on Technology

As parents, it is our responsibility to set limits. And every family’s values and structure is different. It is important to have a conversation with your child about limits look like in your family long before the technology comes out so that he/she is clear on what the expectations and limits are. Being clear about the limits and actually following through are the keys to avoiding power struggles. If we bend and make exceptions here and there we are literally encouraging them to test the limits.

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To finish reading the full story, view the helpful tips, and download the Device Use Contract, visit the Childproof Parenting website:

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