The licensed clinicians and professional staff at Ocean State Behavioral provide an array of behaviorally based treatment and mental health services to children, families and adults. The agency mission is to provide quality behavioral, family centered, and strength based services to individuals and families. We are dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome challenges in order to achieve their goals.


At Ocean State Behavioral we don’t use any technique or approach that does not have solid evidence behind it. We use an evidence-based approach to ensure that your child has the opportunity to experience the maximum possible benefit during this precious window of time. Your child’s progress is closely monitored and his or her program modified to capitalize on gains to produce the next leap in progress. Direct observation and evaluation allow you to determine if our services are improving your child’s and families needs as agreed upon in the treatment plan. These areas could include:


  • Language Relationships with family and peers

  • Adaptive skills Replacement of challenging behaviors

  • Vocational skills

  • Play and leisure skills




Please view our Services and Referrals pages for more information on the services we provide and how you would obtain these services.